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Adoption Saves Lives


Our Adoptables


If you are thinking about submitting an application, please search your heart and soul and make sure adding a new pet to your family is really what you want to do.  A pet is a lifetime commitment, not a decision to be made without complete thought and everyone being in agreement.  Over the last several months, we have had several applicants who are approved and contacted by a foster and/or the adoptions team, decide at the last minute that they no longer want to adopt.  We receive several applications for all of our dog, take the time to go through each one to decide who will have an opportunity to meet the dog.  Although we appreciate the fact that you are not adopting if you are not ready, completing the approval process for your application is time consuming, and hold that approval up for another applicant. 


BE HONEST AND BE PREPARED!  We have an adoption application so we can place our dogs in the home that best fits their needs.  Please discuss with your family the size, breed, age, and sex of the dog you would like to adopt, and research the breeds you are interested in.  If you say you will take your dog to training if they develop some things that need work, follow through!  If you say you are willing to put the time and effort into potty training, don't demand to return the dog a day later because it had an accident on your new carpet.  If you say you have a plan in place if your hours at work change, and you suddenly get a promotion, have a plan in place!  If you adopt a puppy and then realize you're in over head, don't expect the rescue to drop everything because you cannot handle it chewing your sandal.  We work hard to provide the best information we can about the dogs in our rescue, but can only give you the information we are given.  Our dogs deserve the best we can give them, and they depend of you!  Please be sure you want to add them to your family, and be willing to give them the commitment they deserve, and the loyalty they will give you.


 Please be patient with our volunteers.  In order to have your application approved timely, please make sure it is completed and your current contact information is accurate; if you list a veterinary clinic, please give them permission to speak with one of our volunteers, and if you rent, please make sure your landlord information is correct, and let them know one of our volunteers with be contacting them.


Please understand that the dog you apply for may not be available when your application is approved.  When your application is approved, you will receive an email with your approved application number.  If there are other dogs that you may be interested in, please email or message us on social media with your application number, and the dog you are interested in.  Please remember, your application is active for 6 months, and we work to pair our dogs with the best fit!   

We know that many adopters have beautiful plans for their dogs that they adopt. Some of our alumni have mastered their sniffing skills and have become part of search and rescue groups, and we have an alumni that is the #1 All American Dog in the country and #5 All Breed Rally dog in the country!  Although we have a lot of amazing dogs that become Lucky Mutts, we can never guarantee their abilities.  We want our dogs set up for successful, happy adoptions, without expectations that they may not be capable of.  In order to ensure our dogs are being adopted for the right reasons and will live happy lives with their families, we do not adopt dogs out with intentions to be outdoor working farm dogs, ESA animals, or service animals.  

Why Choose Lucky Mutts?

Lucky Mutts Rescue works diligently to find the absolute best homes for all of the dogs that become Lucky Mutts.  We try our best to match adopters with our dogs based on the best fit for everyone, rather than a first come first serve basis.   

Our program is a foster based program.  When dogs arrive to Wisconsin, they are bathed, checked out by our intake team, given needed vaccines, and placed in foster homes where we can get to know them, and they can learn what it is like to be in a loving home.  We ask our adopters to remember that it takes at least two weeks for the dogs to settle in and adjust to their new environment. 

Our adopters have access to continued support throughout the adoption process, and after.  We have shared some common training tips under our resource tab that are accessible at all times.  We also encourage our adopters to join our Alumni page on Facebook, which you can find below.  On this page our adopters are able to share challenges they may have, keep in contact with siblings of our dogs, ask for recommendations, share amazing updates of our Lucky Mutts, and more! 


Our volunteers are some of the best people out there!  From kids, to teachers, firefighters, case managers, nurses and doctors, artists, customer service and IT, and every thing else in between, we've got the most compassionate and patient volunteers!  There is a lot of work that goes on "behind the scenes," and everyone involved volunteers countless hours to make the dogs and adopters have the absolute best experience possible. 


In one year, our volunteers have processed over 3300 applications, and unfortunately our adoption process is taking longer than it has previously!  However, we are proud of our approval process, and do the absolute best to match our available dogs with the best applicants to meet their needs.  At Lucky Mutts Rescue our focus is on successful, quality adoptions, rather than how many adoptions we complete.   From pulling dogs from high kill shelters, to assigning dogs to their foster homes, scheduling adoptions, replying to messages and emails, fundraising, working with owners to surrender their pets, stuffing folders, fielding medical questions or concerns, to driving over 24 hours in a weekend to bring our dogs to safety, and every task in between, our volunteers never stop working!  All of our volunteers have families, work full time jobs, sometimes two, coach sports, and more, yet always make time in their busy schedules to ensure our dogs are cared for and loved.  We take pride in our work, and love happy endings for our adopters and dogs, that may have experienced rough beginnings.  Thank you for choosing Lucky Mutts Rescue!

Alumni Updates!

  We LOVE updates! If you've adopted one of our pups, join our Alumni page on Facebook. Organize playdates with your pup's  littermates, get tips from other adopters, and let the hardworking volunteers who helped save your dog know how they're doing.

CLICK HERE to join the fun!

Municipal Regulations

CLICK HERE to find our cheat sheet of Animal Municipal Regulations for Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties. 

As city ordinances and regulations are always changing, owners and fosters should always verify their rules with the city office they  reside in.

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