Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Help out when you can, and forever change the life of a dog that you help

  • Meet other people that share your passion for animal rescue

  • Know that your efforts will make a difference every day in rescued dogs’ lives as they adjust to their new healthy, loving homes

  • Participate in a rescue activity meaningful to YOU such as fostering, transporting, home visits, intake, fundraising, special events and much more

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Fourth grader, Ella, won the Milwaukee North Rotary Club 4th grade Essay Contest for her work volunteering at Lucky Mutts Rescue!

“Volunteering is fun. I know this because I volunteer at Lucky Mutts Rescue. Lucky Mutts is a place that takes dogs that are in high kill and crowded shelters in Oklahoma. I choose to volunteer there because I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I decided that working with Lucky Mutts when I’m a child would give me experience to make me a better vet in the future.

The first time I volunteered there, I was so excited. I got to walk dogs that had been in a van since Oklahoma, played with the dogs, and held puppies waiting to be bathed. They even let me wash some of them myself (with a little help from my mom.)! Also that day, I got a dog adopted! You want to know how? I was walking the puppy outside with my mom when a lady came out walking another dog. She asked if we would switch dogs so she could see the one I had. Then, when we came in, she said that she wanted to adopt that puppy. If I hadn’t switched she wouldn’t have found the perfect dog for her! We also have been able to be in a parade for the 4th of July and hand out candy at a festival!

Every time I volunteer, it makes me feel good about myself. I know that I make the people who run the rescue happy and delighted because I go there and help them with the dogs so that they don’t have to do it all themselves. I also know that the dogs feel happy and excited to be taken care of, especially when I get to give them snuggles and treats. Their eyes tell me they are saying, “Yea!” I love Lucky Mutts Rescue!”


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