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Are you in need of surrendering your pet?

While owning and adopting a pet is very rewarding, exciting, and wonderful, we also understand it can be very overwhelming, and at times it's just not the right fit, and times are difficult for many of us. 


Lucky Mutts Rescue does accept local owner surrenders when possible, however it is case by case, and depends on our foster availability.  

We're sure you've thought this over, but please take some time to consider:

- Have I done everything I can to make this work?

-Could I have family take the dog when I'm at work, maybe involve a dog walker, how about doggy day care?

- Is this a temporary problem that can be worked through?

- Have I involved a trainer for any behavioral needs?

- Does my pet need to see a vet, maybe there is a medical concern I'm not aware of?

- Is there another living environment that accepts pets?

These are some of the common topics of discussion when an owner is thinking of rehoming or surrendering their pet, and should be thought through before making a decision. 



If surrendering your pet is your only option, please message us with the following information:


-Age, breed, and weight of your pet

-Is your pet spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm testing (we will request proof of vet records if we are able to assist)

-Is your pet good with dogs, cats, other animals, and children

-Reason for surrender/rehoming

-How soon your pet needs to be rehomed

Please attach a recent photo with the above information to the Lucky Mutts Surrenders inbox

If we are able to assist you with rehoming your pet, one of our board members will be in contact with you within 3 business days of receipt of your request. 

Please note:  We are not a shelter and do not have staff on site to accept owner surrenders. 


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