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Boredom Busters!

Finding great items to keep our pups happy and busy can be a challenge - especially if your dog is on the destructive side. Our fosters have suggested some great toys they've found that can take a beating.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler - this rubber tire holds flavored edible discs. Even the heaviest chewers have to take their time working the discs out. The discs come in several flavors. You can also smear peanut butter or other dog friendly edibles inside the tire and freeze it for more options.

Get the Wheeler here:

Purchase additional discs here: (chicken) (liver)

Kong Wobbler - this large beehive shaped toy has a sand filled bottom (think of the Weebles people you had as a kid) and a compartment in the top with a small hole to dispense kibble or small treats. Your dog will have to work to figure out how to maneuver the Wobbler to get kibble to fall out, and in the meantime, random movements will keep enough coming to keep them interested.

Get a Wobbler here:

Outward Hound Invincibles - not everything has to be about food! These are double stitched, stuffingless toys with squeakers that continue to squeak even when punctured. They come in several shapes and sizes to keep any dog happy.

Get the Invincibles Snake (large) here:

Get the Gecko (medium) here:

Get the Pig (small) here:

Watch our Blog for more great suggestions from our fosters!

** Purchases made from our Amazon links help us save more dogs.

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