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Hey, slow down!

Lots of dogs seem to inhale their food. This increases the chances of choking, vomiting and bloat. Rescue dogs are more likely to be fast eaters, because many came from circumstances where they didn't know when or where their next meal would be, so it was important to eat as much as they could as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, there are some great tools available to help with this problem. Outward Hound makes several styles of slow feeder bowls that not only make your dog take their time while eating, but also provide mental exercise, because your dog will need to think about how to get all of the food out of the bowls' nooks and crannies. Our fosters love these bowls, here's what Ali had to say about hers:

"If your dog's a food inhaler, this is perfect... Adds minutes to feeding time while providing mental stimulation. Sometimes I think he looks forward to the bowl more than the food... dishwasher safe on the top rack. Great product for the price, we got the small one and it holds 2 cups. Its made eating a much more enjoyable experience and he doesn't even realize it because it's fun."

You can order these bowls on Amazon here:

Small (shown above):


Purchases made from our Amazon Affiliates links help LMR save more dogs.

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