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Unleash the beast!

The happiest dogs are the ones who get plenty of exercise and activity. Walks are great, but adding other activities keeps things interesting. There are lots of inexpensive toys and tools available to add variety to your routine. A couple of our favorites are below.

Flirt pole - a flirt pole is basically a cat wand on steroids. They come with a fun toy on the end, for your dog to chase and jump for. This is also great for dog owners who may be limited physically, as you can use this while standing still or even sitting in a chair in an open area.

Get one here:

Chuck-It! - Is your pup ball obsessed? This helps you get more distance out of each throw, and has the bonus benefit of not requiring you to touch a slimy ball! These come with a ball, but you can replace it with any standard tennis ball if the original is lost or damaged.

Get one here:

Kong Wet Wubba - If your dog loves to play in snow and water, this is a great option. They come in bright colors, and are made of neoprene - the same material as wet suits. They stand out in the snow, and float in water, and dry quickly when playtime is over.

Get it here:

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